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      Stop drawing and start designing with electrical design software by EPLAN.

      Do you have an intelligent data structure in your engineering? Level up your engineering efficiency with project and logic intelligence with CAE design software.

      In the entire control and switchgear engineering field integrated process quality improvements are needed. EPLAN provides 3D computer aided engineering and customized solutions for your electrical design projects.

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      Your vision is essential to strategy, and in order to implement this strategy you need to make sure it’s going to work.

      The EPLAN Guided Trial team of experts can help you with this daunting task.


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      EPLAN Solutions

      EPLAN supports you in setting up your engineering across disciplines. The EPLAN Platform forms the basis for your engineering by connecting our software solutions to each other. This means that you will become more efficient when working on your EPLAN project because digital data flows seamlessly from one solution to another and is further enriched in every step.

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      EPLAN Electric P8

      The ECAD Standard for Your Engineering - the base product used to create electrical controls design schematics within your EPLAN project. 

      EPLAN Pro Panel

      Design and build control cabinets, switchgear systems & power distribution systems in 3D. Capability includes assembly layouts & virtually routing connections.

      EPLAN Data

      Direct, online access to the high-quality product catalogs from numerous component manufacturers. All EPLAN Platform solutions can access this web service.

      EPLAN Smart Wiring

      The Smart wiring software provides the wiring technician with all the necessary information in digital form – even in 3D as needed.

      EPLAN Preplanning

      By capturing engineering data from the very start of the preplanning phase, you can quickly generate initial datasheets or specifications for materials procurement.

      EPLAN Fluid

      Create fluid power systems schematics for hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication design, within your EPLAN project.

      EPLAN Engineering Configuration

      Map your product portfolio in a modular system. This tool makes it easy to design and apply configuration interfaces & automatically generate documentation.

      EPLAN Cogineer

      Use your existing schematics to set up a macro library and EPLAN Cogineer will automatically create schematics with just a click of your mouse.

      EPLAN Harness ProD

      Automate typical workflows for cabling and wire harness design and documentation, including nail board layouts in 2D and 3D.

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